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How to speed up Internet connection. Download accelerators. Modem boosters.

Recommended software


  • webROCKET is a powerful, easy-to-use program for Windows® 95, 98, Me, NT, XP and 2000 which accelerates your Internet connection speed by up to 200%.
  • Without webROCKET, Windows® lacks the power to provide you with an optimal Internet connection because of changing, unstable network conditions. 
  • webROCKET automatically turbo charges your Internet connection by boosting Internet data transport efficiency. webROCKET adapts your modem or high-speed connection to its maximum potential. 

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Turbo Surfer

  • Turbo Surfer automatically optimizes your internet connection boosting your internet speed by up to 220%.
  • Turbo Surfer optimizes your PC's internet connections to maximum efficiency.
  • Web pages will load faster.
  • You can send and receive email much faster.
  • You will get quicker downloads of MP3s, AVI files, graphics, movies, and more.
  • File transfers, online games and all internet related software will perform faster.
  • You'll get faster internet speeds without buying costly hardware, or a new computer.
  • Works with all browsers, including Explorer, Netscape.
  • Works with ALL connections - America Online, Cable Modem, ALL phone modems, even DSL.

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You can increase dialup modem connection reliability and performance by as much as 200%.

  • Optimizes Dial-up(56k), DSL And Cable Modems
  • No Expensive Hardware Needed
  • Works with All Browsers
  • Faster Response Times and Quicker Downloads
  • Easy to Use Graphic Interface
  • Free Life time Upgrades
  • No Need to Hack with your Computer's Registry

Download ModemMax

Other Software


Top PC Speed tweaks for boosting your RAM, CPU speed, internet connection, modem, cable, DSL, memory and much more.




Connection Speed

The speed at which you connect to the Internet is determined by a number of factors:

  • the speed of your modem
  • the modem type and speed supported at the number you dialed
  • the quality of the phone lines in your area
  • the amount of traffic on the Net

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Internet Connection Speed

The Web has fast become a major force in education, commerce, entertainment, and society. There's definitely a lot of great resources of all kinds available online. Unfortunately, people sometimes don't get to see it all because they get frustrated by slow-loading pages. Many factors affect how fast you connect to the Internet and how fast Web pages load on your computer. Here are the primary factors that determine how fast you will connect to the Internet and load Web pages in your browser 

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Speed Tips

Here's what you can do to maximize your Web surfing speed:


  1. Avoid fat pages: On the Web, there are usually many places to get the same information. Don't reward sites that publish overly large, slow loading pages by returning. Look for sites that give you the information you want in a fast, user- (and browser-) friendly format.

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Factors Affecting Internet Speed

Internet access speed is a popular bragging topic these days. For example the following discussion is overheard at a local party:

Bob: "I have a 1.56 megabit DSL line."
Group: "Oooooh!"
Mary: "I have a 384K DSL line."
Group: "Ahhhhhhh!"
Joe: "I'm using a 56K modem."
Group: "What a shame!"

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How to speed up your Internet connection.

Back in the day, I remember how cool it was when I got a 33.6 modem, upgraded from a 14.4. This was so FAST! Now with my 56.6 I find my self tapping my fingers on the desk waiting. I need warp speed MR SCOTT, yet the warp speed will never come, or will it?

I am going to share with you several tips on how to surf faster. Before we are done you should be the fastest ship in the galaxy. I will detail myths, facts and cures that will have you up and hopping.
So lets get started shall we?

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If you're able, get cable.

Among the new waves of technology washing ashore in recent years are cable modems - devices for gaining very high-speed Internet access through a cable television network. High bandwidth technologies like cable modems are important to teleworkers… if the technology isn't as fast at home as in the office, then neither is the worker.

AT&T has been investing heavily in enhancing cable infrastructures, working to offer Internet, cable TV and telephone access through these networks. At the heart of this strategy lies the cable modem: Why is it needed? What is it? What does it do? How does it do it? And how do you get one?

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High-Speed Internet Connections Give Freelancers More Freedom

Many freelancers now make most, if not all, their living on the Internet. They look for speed, speed, speed, in their Internet connections, because the faster they can access information, the quicker they can turn around projects. A recent article at Business Week says, "Small companies, including home-based businesses, are hungry for high-speed Internet access, but their chances of getting a place at the broadband table are fairly slim this year."

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 Connection Speed
Internet Connection Speed
Speed Tips
Factors Affecting Internet Speed
How to speed up your Internet connection.
If you're able, get cable.
High-Speed Internet Connections Give Freelancers More Freedom

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